Friday, September 24, 2010

County Fair & Other Random September Activities

Here's a Halloween preview: 
 I bought these costumes last year. They still fit (or rather - they finally fit) so we're using them again. Sarah says she wants to be Winnie the Pooh and the kids decided that baby David should be Roo. I'm searching e-bay for a good deal on those.

 Kathryn is constantly asking if she can hold the baby.
 And feed him...
 Then sit with him again.

 Joseph likes to feed him too. Can you guess what he's eating? Pinto beans...there's nothing like training them early to eat rice and beans all week long. =)
 Flying a kite. This dollar store wonder has served us well.
 Kathryn wanted to do it too, but the wind was so strong she would have lost the kite, so David let her "hold" the string for this picture and she was happy
 Grandma Carol came to visit us the week of Labor Day. She brought Joseph some new clothes for his birthday (see his shirt) and some headbands for the girls.
 Trying to get all the kids to look and smile at the camera is nearly impossible, I think.
 Here's Joseph with his bike at the Labor Day picnic. They had a bike parade -- all the kids from the ward (church group) got to decorate their bikes then show them off before we started eating.
 Sarah's bike.

 Kathryn is saying "Let me see" (meaning, the picture that I am taking).
 "Hi baby!" said in a very high-pitched, loud voice.
 Look how long he is stretched from arm to arm of the chair.

Now...the Country Fair! The kids have been waiting all week for this -- ever since David mentioned that we could go there for their special "Daddy time" this week.
 First to see the animals...sheep, goats, cows, horses, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, guinea pigs, and turtles.

 The pigs were really big and just generally "scary" for Kathryn, so she kept her ears covered the whole time we looked at the large animals. She liked the geese and rabbits though. At our house when something is scary (like in a movie, for example) the kids don't cover their eyes, they cover their ears. Don't ask me why.

 This picture was literally 10 seconds before he nodded off to sleep. He mostly slept the whole time and just rode in the stroller. Such an easy baby!
After the animals we looked at all the arts, crafts, and fair booths. The kids got tons of free coloring books, stickers, and other goodies. Then, we went to the rides. They immediately wanted to ride the "pony ride" aka the carousel.

 Sarah and Joseph haven't been on a carousel since we lived in Nashville. This was Kathryn's first time on any sort of ride. At first I thought it was going to go well. She went with me and sat on the horse and was really excited about that. THEN, it started to move and she flipped out! She was clinging to me for dear life. Poor thing.

 This little boy wasn't sure if he wanted to share "his" car with Joseph.
 Kathryn thought these cars were fun. This was her favorite ride.
David woke up and smiled.
Then, they went on the helicopters. This was Joseph and Sarah's new favorite ride. Sorry carousel. They wanted to ride again...but we quickly distracted them by offering to go look for more free trinkets in the craft barn.
When did carnival rides get so expensive? At 3 tickets per ride x 3 kids and 3 different rides = too much$$ (And these were just the "cheap" kiddie rides!) At first we told them they could only choose 2 rides, but somehow those ticket people know that you'll have a few tickets left over, so you'll have to buy just one or two more tickets so you can use those remaining ones. Oh well, I'm glad they had such a good time. Thank heavens the county fair only comes around once a year! (Shhhh...don't tell the kids that it's still there on Saturday).


Jed and Kaydence said...

That ride looks a whole lot cleaner/safer than the ones here! Kids are so easy to please. I guess we should take advantage of that now, because soon they will be un-pleaseable (I don't think that's a word) teenagers.

Marissa said...

Everyone looks like they are having such a grand time. Good Job Heather and David. Love U
Granee Carroll

rantipoler said...

They're getting so big! I'm glad you guys are having such great adventures. By the way, I told Janet at the IRIS center that you guys have four kids now and she looked shocked and asked, "What are they, Catholic?" I just had to laugh at the one.