Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Sarah and Joseph made these little hats at school this week. They made them last year too.

This is her cheesy smile. =)

 I love this smile - it's his true, happy smile -- not just a "smile for the camera".

At Home Depot - we were looking at garbage disposals because ours isn't working. But, after seeing how much they cost new ($80-$300) we decided we would try to fix it first.

I only had the little ones and they were great! David loved turned the steering wheel. 
He is ALL boy and already enjoys pushing cars around on the floor.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A few pictures from the week

In no particular order...these are just a few of the pictures that I emailed to myself from the cell phone camera. I have a lot more on our camcorder, but that takes more effort to upload I'll post those later.

At a birthday party, in the bounce castle-thing.

Opening presents on her birthday.

Ballerina barbie from Kristin.

At the park with friends later that day. (The outfit is a cheerleader sort of outfit and came with a smaller, matching one for her barbie).

Wearing green for St. Patrick's day.

Showing off her stickers from Grandma.

Riding a train at a friend's birthday party today.

Bounce castle

Getting ready to go rock climbing. She loved it!
I have some short videos of her climbing, but I need to send them to my email or upload them on the computer still. Watch for those next week.

Playing in the bounce castle, singing "Yay, yay, yay..."

(Here's a video of her too)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

House Projects

**I typed up this post about 2 weeks but couldn't get some photos to upload**
Hanging Curtains

Last night since David was using the laptop (my only mode of entertainment at night), I decided I would tackle one of the many projects on my list. I bought this curtain rod and curtains almost 3 months ago. I hung up one set over the sliding glass door in our room back then because it was bare. But, I procrastinated this one because it was for purely aesthetic purposes. This is the before picture...ignore all the clean clothes waiting to be folded. (Maybe doing this project was a way to avoid doing the laundry?) 

After! I made the bed again just for the picture. In my defense, it was made all day, but I moved all the pillows before I drilled the holes for the curtain rod. Who wants saw dust on their pillows? Another project on my list is to make a headboard. We have a really cool vintage door out in the shop that I plan to turn into a headboard, but that will probably have to wait until summer.

Painting the Bathroom
Before - this half bath had bead board in it when we moved in. Score! Too bad it was painted this brownish-burgundy color. Ewww! The walls were a neutral beige color but they also had pinkish undertones that I wasn't fond of.

More Before: The counter tops are off-white and clash with walls, the sink is white, and the oak cabinets clash with the wood floors and just don't mesh with that color on the bead board. I thought the whole color combo was just hideous. So one night in early January when David was using the computer for work, I decided to tackle this project. I couldn't handle those nasty color combos anymore. So I started by painting the bead board WHITE, as it was meant to be. =) I painted the walls Kilim Beige, the same color we're using for the rest of the living areas, and stained the cabinet with Minwax Ebony stain. I've only done two coats of the stain and still need to do one more at least before I seal it with a few coats of Polyurethane. But, the whole room is looking much better. much cleaner and fresher looking!

Here is where I still have some work to do, but it's still an improvement.

Baby Picture

My mom emailed this picture to me today (Tuesday) at my request. She took a few pictures of our sweet baby David the day he was born, but she didn't have that cord that connects the camera to the computer we weren't able to upload them while she was here. I finally asked for them and SAW this one for the first time today. 
Little David is about 5 hours old here. I can't believe all the dark hair he had! And that perfectly round face is so adorable! He was my largest baby so far at 8lbs 2oz and 21 inches long. He was also the earliest: 9 days before his due date (thank heavens!) He has been a very mellow and easy baby.

Here is a picture from a week ago:

He now has the lightest hair of all the family. He weighs close to 22 lbs and I'm guessing he's around 29-30" tall. I haven't measured for a couple of months, but we did weigh him yesterday.

Happy Birthday little guy! I'll post pictures and maybe a video from his "party" sometime soon.