Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Baby Picture

My mom emailed this picture to me today (Tuesday) at my request. She took a few pictures of our sweet baby David the day he was born, but she didn't have that cord that connects the camera to the computer we weren't able to upload them while she was here. I finally asked for them and SAW this one for the first time today. 
Little David is about 5 hours old here. I can't believe all the dark hair he had! And that perfectly round face is so adorable! He was my largest baby so far at 8lbs 2oz and 21 inches long. He was also the earliest: 9 days before his due date (thank heavens!) He has been a very mellow and easy baby.

Here is a picture from a week ago:

He now has the lightest hair of all the family. He weighs close to 22 lbs and I'm guessing he's around 29-30" tall. I haven't measured for a couple of months, but we did weigh him yesterday.

Happy Birthday little guy! I'll post pictures and maybe a video from his "party" sometime soon.

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Kristin said...

Cute brand new baby pic! Happy Birthday baby David! He is such a cutie.