Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Sarah and Joseph made these little hats at school this week. They made them last year too.

This is her cheesy smile. =)

 I love this smile - it's his true, happy smile -- not just a "smile for the camera".

At Home Depot - we were looking at garbage disposals because ours isn't working. But, after seeing how much they cost new ($80-$300) we decided we would try to fix it first.

I only had the little ones and they were great! David loved turned the steering wheel. 
He is ALL boy and already enjoys pushing cars around on the floor.


Roxanne said...

Emily and Hailey love going to Home Depot just for those carts. I can't believe how dark Sarah's hair is! Holy cow! I sure miss you guys.

Raspberry said...

oh, cars....Yes, Eli is incredibly obsessed with anything that has wheels.

Anonymous said...

I love real smiles! Usually all I get are the fake smiles too!