Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sarah is Five!

Sarah turned five on March 17th. The first thing she wanted to do was open her presents.

Around lunch time we had a picnic at the park with all her friends from church and school. Here are just a couple of them. There were probably close to 20 kids there (including all the younger siblings).

For dinner she had her favorite: egg burritos with cheese. Her birthday cake was pink (strawberry flavor) with pink (cherry) frosting and sprinkles. (I'll post pictures of the cake / candle blowing out stuff as soon I get them off the other camera).

Sarah is very energetic, she always bouncing around and it seems like when she is supposed to be still that her little spirit is just aching to wiggle around. She is extremely out-going and friendly. Sarah has a ready smile for everyone that she meets. She loves to sing and dance, paint, draw, color, play dress up, and all other sorts of imaginative games of young girls. She is always the mom when playing house and usually can be found with a doll up her shirt. Sarah is very compassionate - when she sees someone hurt or sad she rushes to their side, eager to comfort them (as long as she didn't cause the pain/problem). She adores baby David and likes to "take care of him", but she's still a little young to understand that putting him on the couch and walking away isn't really a good thing, even when he "wanted" to be up there. 

Sarah is very smart! She likes to hide it sometimes, but she has an excellent memory. She can recite several poems, has more than 25 Primary songs and probably 20 school songs memorized, knows all the books in the New Testament, can identify each continent and many countries therein, and can read and write at a Kindergarten+ level. She has recently gone through a growth spurt - she's tall and slender, but she is solid and weighs around 42 pounds.

We love our Sarah! She keeps us on our toes and brings a lot of excitement and enthusiasm to our home. 

She is adventurous, always willing to try new things. Here she is getting ready to try rock climbing at a birthday party for a friend.

Here's a look back over the years.

March 17, 2006

July 2006 in her blessing dress.
(Sorry it's sideways, I'm not in the mood to fix the file tonight).

March 17, 2007 - Happy 1st Birthday

Birthday cake
(I know, she doesn't have a shirt, but I thought that would be easier to just put her in the bath afterward, 
since her hair would be covered in frosting too.)

March 2008 - Age 2 (Hooray for hair!)
Spring 2009 - Age 3
(Kathryn - 7 months, Joseph - 2 1/2)

March 2010 - Age 4

Sept 2010 - Age 4 1/2
(Baby David - 6 months)
Early March 2011 - before she cut off all her hair.
(She is also responsible for those bangs).

Happy Birthday Sarah!


Anonymous said...

She cut her own hair?! I must have missed that story! lol! N'iel's buzz cut is a result of him cutting his hair to the scalp. At least with boys you can just shave it all off and start over :P
Happy b-day Sarah!

Heather said...

What a doll! I love the "he wanted" it excuse. How do you argue with that?