Friday, April 15, 2011

It's official, Sarah is going to Kindergarten

This week I completed the paperwork to register Sarah for kindergarten in the fall. She'll most likely be attending the school that is just two blocks from our house in the morning. She'll still go to the Montessori school in the afternoon. It was a difficult decision to make and something that we thought about a lot. Before we even had kids, David and I decided that we wanted to home school our children. As Sarah has grown, we've realized that home school cannot be a pleasant experience for me or for her at this point in time.

While Sarah is in kindergarten, I'm going to see how home schooling goes with Joseph. If it's successful throughout the year, then he'll likely stay home for 1st grade too. We'll see.

Kathryn is going to start attending Montessori in the morning. So that means I'll only have the boys at home in the morning. She has been doing really great this week potty training. Even after being up half the night throwing up a couple of days ago, so still wanted to wear underwear and has had only one accident in 2 days! She told me she's doing it so she can go to "Joseph's school".

School was cancelled today because their teachers were sick, so we made up some school projects to do at home. This is a "Hundred Number Board", similar to what they do at school. They match up the little squares of paper with numbers 1 to 100 on the grid (the cardboard) in order.


Anonymous said...

Yep--We were the same with N'iel. I really wanted to homeschool him, but it was miserable for both of us. Some kids do great with it, some don't! It's definitely in the personality. You just gotta do what works best for each kid!

Momma Miles said...

Good for you! I love that you took the time to make that awesome at home project. I admire that kinda dedication.

I go back and forth on the homeschooling issue. I would love to do it because I've seen it done really well. BUT, I also know my limitations. Right now it just wouldn't work. You are smart to take advantage of the options available. You're a good mom!