Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kathryn is "Grown Up"

Remember when Kathryn told me that she would potty train when she was grown up? (See this post:
http://wisemanweekly.blogspot.com/2011/02/snow-day.html ). Apparently she decided to be a grown up now because she has been doing so well with potty training and taken all of the initiative, that I can't claim to actually be "training" her. I'd say that she is more likely to keep her underwear dry and clean all day long than is Joseph. (He's in that phase of "I'm busy playing or working and don't want to stop to go to the bathroom". It's not that he soaks him daily, just leaks a little, then finally decides that he'll make a trip to the bathroom.) Some incentives seemed to play a small role in her decision to grow up.

1. Only kids who wear underwear get to go to school; and she recently decided that Sarah and Joseph's school is really cool. Today she told me: Mom, I'm ready to go to school now. I want to go today.
This reminds me of my sister Ashley, who supposedly has a very similar potty training story. Incidentally, she is also the 3rd child whose older siblings attended Montessori.

2. Kathryn likes sweets, especially chocolate. We don't normally have much of that around here, so when I offered her an M&M for every time she used the potty and let her taste one so she knew what she was going to get, she was suddenly going every hour or more and never forgot to claim her prize.

For a while I was concerned that it would be difficult to take her on outings because we would need to stop at bathrooms every 45 minutes, but this Sunday she proved her ability to hold it for long periods of time when her personal "froggie" potty isn't available. She has an aversion to full-sized toilets (especially if they're public ones), which could explain why she wasn't interested in sitting on ours or using one before our recent purchase of said "froggie" potty. Anyway, the girl has great bladder control abilities because she went 3 1/2 - 4 hours on Sunday (while we were at church) without an incident. When I tried to take her around the 2 hour mark - thinking surely she couldn't last much long - she flipped out and refused to sit.

So I'm calling her fully trained now and maybe I can move on to other subjects...

Like, did I tell you that Joseph was sick today? (Oh no, not more bodily fluid stories).


Momma Miles said...

I know you said she's doing it on her own but you need to take some credit. That's a hard thing and no matter what it takes a lot of hands on mom time. Good job!

Roxanne said...

Yay for Kathryn! She sounds EXACTLY like Hailey was (except we have a duckie seat instead of froggie). Now she is dry at night too. It's such a relief when they are potty-trained!