Monday, April 25, 2011

The Challenge - recording Joseph and the Old Testament [song]

A couple of months ago the Primary chorister at church challenged the children to learn the three songs with all the names of the books of the Old Testament, New Testament, and Book of Mormon. She happens to work at an engraving store, so she is giving each child who accomplishes the task an engraved dog tag necklace with their name and the Primary theme for the year "I Know the Scriptures Are True".

Joseph and Sarah thought that was a pretty cool prize, so they spent the entire afternoon that Sunday listening to the three songs over and over and over again. They both passed off the Books of the New Testament song only a few weeks later. Then they kind of forgot about the challenge until one of the Primary kids earned their own tag. Joseph came home with renewed determination to learn the other two songs. We sang them constantly for the next few weeks - at bedtime, in the van, during play time, and lunchtime, and bath time, etc. I memorized all the songs too, even that one ever-elusive line in the middle of the Old Testament song. Finally, I made a cheat sheet of sorts to help Joseph cement those last few difficult ones. I wrote down the first letter of each books name in order. A few days later he was ready to sing it for his music leader.

We had stake conference this Sunday and afterwards I noticed that Joseph was wandering off from us. He never does that! How odd, I thought. Then I saw him walk up to his music leader. He wanted to sing for her but he was so nervous and the chapel was full of loud people, he sang quietly and she couldn't hear him. Once I got them to move into another room, he did great! He sang the books of the Book of Mormon song and the Old Testament song all on his own. I am so proud of him! He'll get his little tag next week. So far only two other primary kids have earned theirs and they are both in Senior primary. Joseph is only 4 years old.

Sarah is close behind. She knows about half of the other two songs. With a little more practice and persistence, she'll be ready to sing them soon, too. Even Kathryn knows bits and pieces of the songs now too. One of her favorite lines is: "Samuel, Samuel, Kings, Kings, Chronicles"

I wanted to record Joseph singing the Old Testament song (since it's the hardest one) for all of you to see, but we had some issues getting a good take. See the three videos below:
(You may want to watch at YouTube.)
He gets upset when Sarah sings something "wrong" = gets nervous and hides under table

Now, he wants to sing alone, but someone insists on singing with him = meltdown

In my bathroom, with the bedroom door locked so the other kids can't come in and make noise. 
He is suddenly very camera shy and mumbles the words, but he makes it to the end.

(Let me know if these videos come through. I made them "private" on YouTube, so I'm curious if you'll be able to see them.)

I'll post a video of Sarah singing one of the songs soon.

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