Saturday, February 11, 2012

Just a few pictures

Here are some more pictures of our little lady:
12 days old - this was her Sunday dress.

2 weeks old
She sleeps a lot and we love it. =)

I wanted to show some pictures of the other kids when they were babies so you could see how much they all look alike.
 Joseph, 4-6 weeks old (not sure exactly)

Kathryn - 2 hours old

David - 4 hours old

David - a few weeks old

Sarah - 2 1/2 (What a cutie! She looks like Eden.)
Kathryn - 2 months and already turning blond
Joseph - age 2


Roxanne said...

Anna is adorable and looks just like your whole family! Love seeing the pictures.

Momma Miles said...

What a sweet baby! So big and chubby, good job Momma! All your kids are so good looking, I love it.

rantipoler said...

Cute! I have to say, I'm EXTREMELY jealous that she sleeps a lot. Sigh . . .