Thursday, May 10, 2012

Random Pictures

Nice fake smile Joseph. =) He did ask me to take the picture of him with Rachel though.

Kathryn built this herself. I had to capture it on "film" before one of her siblings destroyed it, which is exactly what happened about 10.5 seconds after she finished, then she burst into tears.

I won't mention who might have been the culprit. Isn't he cute though?

Sarah's log house.

All done!

The little cutie on the right is Elsie, she is 5 weeks younger than David. He knows her name and likes to shout it out in the middle of church services when he spots her.

Joseph playing basketball with his buddy.

Here's Rachel at 3 months...looking all happy and chubby. (Sorry it's sideways).

Family movie night--they're watching the original Land Before Time for the first time.

All curled up with his favorite paper airplane book.

She's strong enough to sit in the exersaucer now. It's a nice change from the swing when she's wanting to wiggle a little (but the floor isn't safe because there's too many little feet running around).

Mowing the lawn together.

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Linda @ it all started with paint said...

What a beautiful family! Adorable pics. And wanted to say thank you so much for entering the Pinterest contest!