Sunday, August 19, 2012

Trip to Utah, Days 1-3

I realized that I had not updated our "weekly" blog for over two months. Here's what we've been up to...

We spent the better part of the 3rd week of June crossing things off our to-do list and packing for our trip to Utah. David spoke at the bi-stake youth conference Friday afternoon, then we loaded everyone up and drove away at 7pm.
Everyone was happy to be on the road. They had been looking forward to our trip to Utah for several months. We drove to McCall that night (about 3.5 hours from Lewiston), and stayed in a hotel. Joseph threw up his dinner and many road trip snacks about 10 minutes before we arrived at the hotel, at 10:30pm. 

Everyone settled down and went to sleep fairly quickly, except for Sarah. She was awake and bouncing around, literally, until 2am.

On Saturday we drove the remaining 9 hours to Utah Valley, in time to hang out with cousins at the Rookstool's house.

On Sunday, Josh gave his farewell talk at church. He entered the MTC a few days later and is going to South Korea.

Here are all the girl cousins playing dolls together. I loved how the older girls were so sweet and played with my younger ones.

We got to see most of David's family that weekend, including his parents. We enjoyed staying at his sister's house. The kids loved playing with their older cousins and jumping on the trampoline. In fact, this week someone asked Sarah what she did on her trip to Utah -- she didn't mention the zoo or aquarium or farm or dinosaur museum or the bounce castle. Nope, the first thing she said was "I got to jump on the trampoline at my cousin's house!"

Rachel was a little sick and rather grumpy for the first several days of the trip. One night she woke up every 30-60 minutes all night long. But otherwise, she was still a sweetheart. Here she is discovering her toes (age 4 months). The white afghan was knit by my grandma LouAnn just for her.


Timber said...

Rachel is SO cute in those last photos! :D

Momma Miles said...

So fun!