Saturday, January 1, 2011

Family Goals

This year we asked the kids what goals they wanted to work on for the year. Here is what they said. Joseph and Sarah came up with theirs almost entirely on their own. We obviously helped write Kathryn's and baby David's.

Sarah said:

1. Play with baby David without picking him up or moving him.
2. Only play with the kitties outside.
3. Learn to ride my bike without training wheels.
4. Finish my “Kitty book” at school.
5. Help Mom with laundry and pick up my clothes.
6. Help brothers and sister only when they need help.
7. Stay in my bed at night.
8. Do all my piano lessons.

(Sarah and Joseph both got piano lesson books for Christmas, they are really excited to start learning piano and have already had one lesson with Mom).

Joseph said:

1. Make streets when I’m big.
2. Ride my bike with no training wheels.
3. Read my scriptures with Mommy everyday.
4. Stay dry at night and not wake up wet.
5. Finish my “Kitty writing book” at school.
6. Read a book by myself.
7. Make my bed everyday without Mom.
8. Practice using a quiet voice in the house.
9. Finish all my piano book lessons.
10. Always play in the backyard, not the front yard, so I can be safe.

I'm not sure where #1 came from, he's never mentioned anything like that before, but tonight the first thing he declared was that he wanted to "make streets" this year - we suggested that was something he could do when he was older and he worked for Grandpa Chuck.

Kathryn's Goals - that Mom will get to help her with...

1. Learn to use the potty both day and night.
2. Give up my pacifier.
3. Wash my hair at least twice a week.
4. Practice sharing.
5. Use my words instead of screaming.

I think that potty training is one my least favorite parenting jobs - it's even worse than changing diapers, I think. Or maybe I just had a bad experience trying to do it with two kids at once the first time around. Life has been so crazy that I haven't made much of an effort to help Kathryn potty train, even though I know she is ready -- I haven't been ready for the time commitment that potty training requires, especially since we're still dealing with some nighttime bed-wetting by another child.

David's Goals

1. Learn to walk.
2. Learn to say some words.
3. Learn to spoon feed myself.

Now, one of my goals is to write in a journal at least weekly. I would also like to update this blog weekly with pictures (hopefully) and little stories from the week. I'm going to start calling this blog The Wiseman's Weekly Wrap-up. I plan on writing the weekly wrap-up each Sunday night (or Monday at the latest) -- so check back often to hear the latest Wiseman family news.


feathersky said...

Wait! What are big David's goals? Or are both David's sharing the same goals this year? ;)

I'm excited to read your weekly adventures!

Raspberry said...

Remember when we wrote every night? Wish I still did that, of course. Glad you're doing good.