Monday, January 17, 2011

Grandma Visits!

This was another busy and fun-filled week at our house. This week I have a lot of pictures, we'll start with one of Sarah - she likes to dress up, all day, everyday. This is classic: tutu with winter gear.

Location of old entrance - right in the middle of the living room wall.

New entrance, where the coat closet used to be.

Here is her messy room seen through the new doorway
and the air mattress that Rory used all week.
Monday - the work on the new entrance to Kathryn's room was completed, except for installing the new door because it was on back order. (The door was just installed today and it's great having a door again.) Classes started at the college and David went back to work--or rather, he went back to teaching. He is ALWAYS working! He is teaching two sections of Spanish 202 and an English course called "International Literature" that he's really excited about. That Monday night, David, Rory, and I ripped out all the remaining old carpet and pad. The dust and dirt was disgusting.
See how that dirt tracks up and over to the left?
That's where the entrance to Kathryn's room used to be.

Uncle Rory - earning his room & board for the week. =)
Just kidding, he was good company and willing to help.
Tuesday - The new carpet was laid in the morning, then Grandma Carol arrived right when it was finished. We picked her up at the Lewiston airport, which is less than two miles from our house. Sarah was so happy to have her visit that she told me that she "was too tired for school" and wanted to stay home and "take a nap" that day. She didn't sleep, of course, but enjoyed some one on one time with Grandma.

Our baby loves the bath more than any of our other kids.
He bounces up and down and gets super excited every time.
Wednesday - Cold and rainy weather kept us inside, but we enjoyed playing some games with Grandma. David taught his first Institute class this semester (Church History), then came home was sick for next 3 days.

Thursday - The sun came out briefly and it was warm enough to play outside. The kids and Grandma Carol had races down the driveway all morning. David slept all day - that's how you know he's really sick because he actually stays in bed.

Friday - Grandma flew home and Uncle Rory found an apartment.

Saturday - Rory, David, and I finished assembling the swing set the kids got for Christmas from Grandma Carol -- we wanted to have it set up before she came, but the weather had been bad, or David was out of town or sick. I read the instructions and let the guys do the hard work.

Sunday - Ward Conference this week. I was a bit nervous because the stake leaders sat and observed Primary the whole time. Then I went to ward council and had to give the spiritual thought with the whole Stake Presidency there. At church we found out my friend's little boy had broken his leg the night before. She's one of my counselors in the Primary presidency. Last week, my secretary's son had an emergency appendectomy.  I'm starting to get a little nervous that one of my kids will be in the ER next week. =) I hope not.

Today - We had the best weather (near 60 degrees) that we've had since early November. The kids didn't have school today, so we enjoyed playing and working outside most of the day. They helped me wash all the windows in our family room inside and out. They played on the swing set and in the mud. I took advantage of the warmer weather to do a little spray painting (it has to be at least 55 degrees and you have to do it outside). A friend recently gave me an old chandelier that she didn't need anymore. It was in great condition, but was that shiny brass color - so I spray painted it to an "Oil-rubbed bronze" color aka black with golden flecks. Now it will match our new door knobs and soon-to-be newly painted other light fixtures. =) I also spray painted our mail box dark blue. It was previously a rusting aluminum color. David had the day off - so he helped out around the house in the morning, then went into his office for the rest of the day. He says he gets the most work done on days like that because he doesn't get interrupted nearly as often.

I need to paint the door still.

Family Night

He stood up here all by himself.
He likes playing in the kitchen (this one AND mine).

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hardya said...

Loved seeing the kids. Great job on the house. We love you ll. Give all the kids hugs and kisses from grandma ANN. Thank you for letting Rory stay with you while he was getting settled. You are such a blessing in our lives in so many ways...Lave you all!