Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Braids and Dinosaurs

Here's a random picture of baby David, whom we've decided to call Davey for a few weeks just to see how it works. Joseph will call him Davey, but Sarah and Kathryn still just call him "Baby", Baby-Boo, or Baby David. Baby is actually fairly close to Davey, especially when Kathryn says it. He will respond to any of the above variations. One of those 4 top teeth that have been teasing us this past month has finally broken through the skin. Hopefully the other 3 are close...teething=cranky baby and nasty diapers.

This is the first time that I braided Kathryn's hair and it turned out much better than I anticipated. She was really excited about it and held very still for me to do it. I wasn't worrying too much about making it look perfect because it was bedtime and I knew it would fall out overnight anyway, but I wanted to see if her hair was long enough--and it was!

She loved how it turned out and wore them all day the next day even though the sides were falling out.

 Of course, Sarah wanted braids too. She has awesome hair - it's thick but still soft. I still can't get over how dark it is now! See that little tuft of hair sticking straight up on the top of her head? That's where she cut her own bangs a few weeks ago. Sigh. She cut them at all different lengths and I had to go back and fix it as well as I could. She looks cute though.

Sorry this is fuzzy. Kathryn is wearing Wranglers and Justin brand cowboy boots. She is saying "I'm a cowboy girl!" Thanks Grandpa- We love the pants and boots.

Dinosaur Hunt

The older kids started studying dinosaurs at school recently, so they have been obsessed with them. We checked out some books on dinosaurs from the library to learn more. Joseph got some dinosaur stickers from Grandma Carol for Valentine's day. He spent the next two days searching his library books so he could identify each different dino sticker. Then he made a sheet with all the dino stickers and their names underneath. On Saturday, they convinced David to take them to the backyard to search for dinosaur bones. These toothbrushes are their tools for cleaning the bones when they find them.

As you may have guessed, they didn't find any dinosaur bones, so they decided to make their own replica out of rocks. David used my hot glue gun to put this guy together. It's a triceratops, just in case you couldn't tell. =) Joseph took his book out and checked the picture often to make sure everything was exactly right.

He got a little worried when the triceratops only had one horn on the top of his head ("It's a profile!" says David), but Joseph insisted that TRIceratops were supposed to have three horns. In the end, he accepted the idea that the other horn must be "lost" still.


Anonymous said...

Hey did I tell you that with enough goop in her hair, I got Jenacy's braided!!! :D
Love the dino hunt!

Unknown said...

Hey we call our youngest baby-boo! Well we did. I don't even know how it evolved but for a few weeks his name was Baby- Boo or Boo- Boos. Weird, I know.