Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Some pictures from our trip to Utah

5 Days (Thursday-Monday), 1500 miles, and lots of family. We wish that we could have stayed longer and spent more time with all of our family in Utah. It was great to see some of David's cousins and all of his siblings (except for Krista) all together again.

Sunday, after church, Kathryn wasn't happy about the picture.

Friday, at Grandma LouAnn & Max's house.

We stopped here first thing when we got into SLC.

Saturday, Grandma's children (from left to right): Kent, Craig,
Annette, Gail, Don, Doug, Kim, and Keri.

With their spouses: Kent & LaVerne, Craig & Karen, Annette & Bob(?),
Gail & Ron, Don, Kim, Keri & Paul, Brenda & Doug.

Kathryn with Grandpa Kent

David's siblings: Jennifer, John, Jeffrey, David, Stephanie, and Laura
(with Sarah streaking across the front)

Joseph makes a guest appearance in this one. =)
More pictures and boring travel details to come. Although, I have to say that I think I hit the jack-pot -- David is a handsome guy with a head full of hair -- he takes after his Dad. His brothers are awesome too, but they seem to take after uncle Craig. =)

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