Monday, April 26, 2010

Halloween shirts in April

Matching shirts: Aunt Jennifer sent these shirts for Halloween last year. They are a favorite with all the kids. Today, Joseph put his on first, then Sarah found hers so they could be twins. Kathryn insisted on wearing hers too. (She wouldn't smile for the picture though).
Eating lunch and running around outside
We get to eat a picnic lunch four days a week due to the preschool schedule. Joseph goes in the mornings, every day except Monday. He gets out around 11:30. Sarah's class starts at 12:30. It takes us approximately 15 minutes to drive from our house to the school. That means it would take 30 minutes to make the round trip. So we usually just stay in town and eat at the park or on the grass at their school. When the weather is bad we go to a friends house or eat in our van.

Our little David isn't so tiny any more. This kid seems to be growing so much faster than the other kids did. Look at those cheeks!

Sharing. Joseph likes to share his treats with his sisters or Mommy. Last week he got a bag of M&M's for a reward for something (I can't remember what). Then he shared them all with the whole family by methodically passing them out one by one, color by color. Here he's sharing a bite of ice cream with Kathryn.
Sarah loves to hold the baby and cuddle him. She asks to hold him everyday. Joseph just likes to give him a kiss and say hi. Kathryn always says "Hi baby Dabid, how are you?"

This weekend was the Dogwood Festival. I saw signs for it all month long and wasn't sure if it was just a celebration of the dogwoods blooming or what. Then on Thursday David came home and told us that there was a huge carnival at the LCSC campus. Apparently they have this every year and it's a cherished community event. So we took the kids Saturday afternoon and let them jump on those huge blow-up jumpy things. We bought some kettle corn and called it good. They thought it was the coolest thing ever. I didn't see any dogwoods on campus, but this house has three beautiful trees in the front yard. We pass it everyday on the way to preschool. This picture really does not do justice to the amazing beauty and dimensions of the blossoms.


Roxanne said...

So glad you're blogging!:)

Jed and Kaydence said...

Your kids are so cute and they seem like such sweet hearts. You're a good mommy.

feathersky said...

lol! I love the halloween shirts in April :D

Raspberry said...

You have such cute kids. I can't believe how many you have had at once - very brave of you, which sounds so cliche, but really, I don't think I could do it, so hats off. :)
Oh! And hope your bday was a good one.