Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sleeping all day Saturday

Haha! I wish I could really sleep in like I used to do before kids. Now, if I get to sleep past 7:00am before someone comes into my room or starts crying to be fed, it's a miracle. Yesterday I suddenly developed a cold (runny nose, sneezing, etc.) so this morning David was kind enough to feed the children breakfast while I rested a little more...and fed the baby. He took the older kids to the park to feed the ducks so I could rest some more...or at least have some quiet time, plan for the week, oh yeah, and feed the baby again. =) During lunch, David  passed out on the couch and got a bit of a nap. (Taking 3 kids to the park and the grocery store is exhausting!) Once Kathryn and Joseph were down for naps and Sarah was in her room for "quiet time", I tried to get some more rest. But, first I had to feed the baby again. Sarah had a hard time staying in her room, so David kept her quiet in the living room while everyone else slept. All in all, I may have gotten as much sleep today as I did last night, but I still feel sick and tired. The house is so quiet now - it's 9:30 and everyone has been alseep for two hours. Should I sleep some more or enjoy some quiet, alone time?

Here's a list of all the things I didn't get done today...or even start:
1. Laundry (I did fold and put away most of one load of laundry - left over from last time I worked on laundry...aka last weekend)
2. Clean the whole kitchen
3. Sweep and vacuum floors
4. Sort laundry, wash, dry, put away 3-4 loads
5. Clean bathrooms
6. Finish sorting and organizing the kids' clothes (change to summer clothes, put away winter)
7. Plan the weekly menu and buy groceries

Here's what I did accomplish today:
1. Prepare food - including a nutritious, homemade dinner - with 3 little helpers in the kitchen
2. Change wet and soiled diapers
3. Read stories to the kids
4. Put the kids down for naps and to bed at night
5. Feed the baby at least 10 times it seems

Hmmmm...I think that's about it. Someday I'll catch up on the housework, get everything under control and have time to do things like sewing, read a novel, etc.

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Sister Hamilton said...

the most important thing you can do is just what you did today. The other things will wait for a better day. And yes, rest is as important for you as it is for the kids. Wish I was there to help you a bit. Love you much...