Monday, July 12, 2010

Kathryn is TWO!!

Two years ago on July 11th, our darling little girl was born at 12:31pm at our home in Antioch, Tennessee.
This is the very first picture we took of her, she was just an hour old:
She dozed on the couch while David made lunch for the midwife, her assistant, and me.
Here she is a few hours later in something pink:
She's so tiny! Just 6 lbs, 15 oz and 20 inches long. She seemed too small to be real at the time.
Kathryn at 6 months old. She is wearing the dress that I wore when I was blessed as a baby. She's our only baby that was blessed outside of Utah.

Her 1st birthday. She crumbled the cake, but didn't really eat much. We were in Silver City that summer. I had forgotten how bald she was -- no wonder everyone thought she was a boy, even when she was decked out in pink.
She's 17 months old here, has a little more hair, and can play games with the big kids. She helped them set this table with play dishes and food...or "pood", as she says.

Sunday was Kathryn's 2nd birthday. (Check out those eye lashes and red lips! And she finally has some hair too). The only traditional birthday thing we did was open presents and sing "Happy Birthday". Poor girl didn't even get a cake or candles to blow out, no balloons or crate paper or giant posters. There's still time for that, right? I made a key lime pie, but that was mostly for me (so selfish!) She didn't even want to try the pie and opted for ice cream instead. Maybe I'll make her some cupcakes this week...maybe. Anyway, she got some really fun presents and all she wanted to do was play with them-- so she was happy and I saved myself all the trouble of decorating and baking. Her Grandma and Grandpa Wiseman sent her a baby doll, baby stroller, and bassinet. The stroller was by far the biggest hit -- even Sarah and Joseph can hardly keep their hands off it. Some of her other presents are still en route in the mail.

Sarah already has a little baby bed for her dolls, so she didn't care about the bassinet. But Joseph, that poor boy, has wanted a little crib for his "doggie" for the last year. When Kathryn got one for her baby, that was the last straw. He was a pill all day long, pouting about not having his birthday yet (it's in 4 weeks, and the last one for our family this year).
Look at Sarah's sad face here.
Cute drool-y baby...he watched the whole scene unfold from my lap...and made the camera very wobbly.
Patiently waiting for Daddy to get the present out of the box. Why do they have to use so many twist ties?
In the background you see her stroller and a new beanbag type chair...aka her "throne".
Kathryn wasn't all giggly or super smiley, but rather just quietly enjoyed her new stuff. Here she is admiring her new doll who is sitting in the stroller.
Putting her baby to bed while David watches.

And, trying on some new sandals from Mom and Dad. She loves shoes...I think she's going to be like Auntie Ashley. =)

Now she is letting Sarah play with this little house from Aunt Jennifer. All day long Sarah would ask Kathryn if she could play with the new stuff and Kathryn always said yes, but then 30 seconds later she was ready for Sarah's turn to be over. Kathryn likes to share, as long as the recipient follows Kathryn's rules.
Cute baby! With the little guy on my lap while I was snapping pictures of the present opening ceremony, I couldn't help but snap a few of him too.
David is 4 months old now.
Sarah is showing off the little kitten card.
Joseph's new mischievous face. He must be almost 4. He has started acting really silly like the other boys his age. Our quiet, shy boy is now the terror of the Sunbeam class. This Sunday he had to call his teacher and apologize after church for his bad behavior. (Two missed naps, a birthday party for sister, and a late afternoon church schedule don't make it easy for him).
So big!

 So, that was the big day. Nothing too extravagant...but just right for Kathryn.


My Everythings said...

It seriously looks like you dyed Sarah's hair. I cannot believe how dark it is now!

Super Sam said...

Hey Heather, I sure miss you and the kids. Benjamin misses them, too!
(This is Ashley, btw)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe it's been 2 years. That's just crazy. It doesn't seem like that long ago!!! Happy birthday Kathryn!!!

Wiseman Family said...

I can't believe how dark her hair is either - or that Kathryn is 2. Timber, I'm sure you remember that day she was born. =) I remember going to the zoo with your family two days before she was born and waddling around, then trying to run to the car when it started raining.