Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mmmmm, Key lime pie. 
I was so bummed about not eating Key lime pie in Florida, that I had to make one for myself.

Sarah's new big girl bed. I found this at a thrift store for $10. It's in great condition and Sarah adores it.

More birthday presents. This is from Auntie Ashley - beautiful butterfly wings and skirt.

So cute! She got them from some online store for about $2 a piece (+ shipping). I don't think I could buy the materials for that price.

She even got a pair for Sarah. Thanks Ashley!!

We also got some new toys from Grandma Carol. I love quality, educational, multi-use toys like these.

The little bear board has snaps, buckles, zippers, buttons, etc. for practicing.

These fountains are at one of our favorite city parks. Just perfect for a hot summer day.

All FOUR kids!

Kathryn wanted to "hold" David, but he's big enough now that he sort of sits up next to her while she puts an arm around him. Check out her tan -- where did she get such great skin? Not from this freckle-faced mama.

Joseph wanted to hold David too, but by this time, he was getting a little tired of all the squeezing.

Kathryn still adores her baby doll, and Sarah is still trying to convince Kathryn to give her the stroller.

This has been a nice week. We've gone to the park three times and to story time at the library. I baked bread, rolls and pizza dough (all from the same recipe/batch) and muffins last night. Most of it turned out great. I'm trying to bake bread to use for sandwiches. Now that David is eating lunch, we go through three loaves of bread a week. I like to buy 100% whole wheat bread without any nasty additives, so that can get kind of pricey. I also started making our own yogurt. It's so much easier than I thought it would be. I made yogurt once about two years ago and let it get a little too tangy, so I gave up because I didn't want to waste a ton of expensive rice or almond milk while I learned how to do it. This time around I bought cheap cow's milk to practice with. So far I've made three batches of yogurt and they have all turned out wonderfully! Using a gallon of cow's milk I can make 4 quarts of yogurt (or 128oz) for around $2 -- compare that to the 4 small cups of yoplait that usually cost around 50/ea (or in other words $2.00 for 24oz). My kids LOVE yogurt and the pro-biotic cultures are really healthy, so this is an easy way to save some money and give them more wholesome yogurt (no added sugars, artificial flavors or colors, etc.) Once I feel really confident in my yogurt making skills I'll try using Almond milk (maybe vanilla - yum!) to see how it turns out. Almond Milk costs just under $3 for a half gallon here, so I wouldn't be saving much money, but the yogurt would then be dairy-free. (And free of any hormones or unwanted additives commonly found in cows milk).


Anonymous said...

Awwww, cute kids :D They're all getting so big!

Tomorrows going to be my bread baking day. I so love homemade bread!

Raspberry said...

What a cutie little David is.
I really oughta make my own yogurt...Eli can eat his weight in it. I'll have to give it a shot. :)

Wiseman Family said...

Making the yogurt was really much easier than I thought it would be. Go for it!