Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Baby, Anniversary, and Apricots

Kathryn's hair is getting longer. I put it in pig tails in June and tried to get a picture, but she was not in the mood. She's still so cute though.

Sarah and Joseph are playing an old favorite game. They bounce on the empty laundry baskets like they are bull riding and sing "Bum-bo-bea". I don't know what it means, but it's funny to watch. They pretend to get bucked off the basket.

All of the kids like to help in the kitchen. Joseph sliced/chopped this tomato all by himself with a real knife. I was supervising, but he knows what he's doing. I think he learned it at school. =) Gotta love Montessori!

July 2nd was our 8th anniversary. So we went to the 2nd Mexican restaurant in town. We've now been to all the Mexican restaurants here. was an average place - but I did try mole for the first time and enjoyed for the first few bites. The sauce became a big heavy - too rich? - toward the end though. We dropped off the older kids with some friends, but took little David with us. He was pleasant company because he can't complain or whine too much yet. =)
I can't believe that David and I have been married for 8 years! It hardly seems possible and I didn't think that I was that old yet. He's still the best husband ever. =)
I don't have any pictures of us together, just lots of pictures of my adorable baby (wearing a girly bib to catch all of his drool).
Sorry, I didn't edit any of the pictures to get rid of the red eyes. Little David lost most of his newborn hair and now he has light brown fuzz growing in.
Check out how big he is getting! 15 pounds now, and 25 inches long! He turned 4 months old today.
Sarah adores the little guy. If he's crying she will go talk to him, make faces, sing to him, and generally just be silly until he smiles -- it never takes long. If he's awake then Sarah always wants to be right next to him.
Playing in the exersaucer. He's now tall enough to touch the bottom and spin around to the different toys. See Sarah? That's her regular spot.
We woke up to these guys in our backyard this week. Joseph thought they were the coolest thing ever and wanted to go outside and talk to them. They didn't stay long...I think they were on the run. =)

Lunch...we brought out the second high chair again. Even though David isn't eating solid foods yet, he likes to sit up at the table and see what's happening. The chair is nice because it frees up my hands, so I can actually eat too without dropping half my lunch on his head. Notice Sarah right next to him again?

Whenever I ask Joseph to "Say Cheese" for a picture, or "Smile", he always looks away from me, like this.

On Monday I bought 20lbs of apricots from an orchard at 70 cents/lb. They were so tasty! Perfectly ripe and smelled wonderful. We made 8 pints of preserves, an apricot pie, and ate the other 5lbs all day long. Not a good idea for a toddler in diapers. =(
The kids helped wash and pit the apricots for me. It kept them busy and not fighting (most of the time) for a good half hour.

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