Tuesday, May 17, 2011

FHE Activities

David has been in charge of the "lesson" recently. This lesson was on "Hold to the Rod...
 ...Iron Rod, 'tis strong, and bright, and true.
The Iron Rod is the Word of God, Twill Safely Guide You Through.

This week we learned about hitting: it's not okay to hit your sister, brother, mom, dad, friends, or the cat.

But...it IS okay to hit a piñata!

(Yes, it's hanging from our broomstick and that building in the background is our shop - not the house, in case you were wondering).

Collecting the spoils

The kids get to eat one piece of candy after dinner on the days that they don't hit anyone this week. We're hoping it will be a good motivation for them, but old habits die hard. Tonight Joseph was the only one to get a candy. (Baby David would have earned one too, but he doesn't know that and I'm not giving him candy).

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Roxanne said...

What fun lessons!