Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kitten Update

Here are the kittens at eight days - they have fat bellies and don't eat as often. Their eyes are still closed. Our Tigger cat has injured one of her front paws and can't walk on it. Poor kitty! Our other female cat, Sugar, will probably have kittens in eight weeks. There were at least three different Tom cats prowling around our backyard today. Grrrrr.

Our other kiddies are doing well too.

Davey likes the Kittens and exclaims "Di-dee" whenever he sees them He tries to pet them too. He is saying a few other things, like blanket ("de-dat"), more, get down, and he signs "all done". He loves his turquoise fuzzy blanket and has a hard time sleeping without it. He is walking constantly now and looks especially adorable when he's wearing real shoes. (sorry, no shoes in this picture).

Kathryn is doing really well with potty training, even at night! We just having to take her once before we go to bed...speaking of which...better go check on her. She has overcome her fear of having her hair washed, so she smells much better these days. =)

Joseph has enjoyed having his daddy around more often since classes at the college ended. David has been picking up the kids from school in the afternoon and doing some fun things with them. Here they are jamming out together.

These are the flags of all the countries in Europe. Joseph colored each one, cut it out, and taped it to a skewer. There 40 flags and he worked on this project for a long time. He was so proud and happy to finally finish it and bring it home for us to see.

Last week I bought him new thrift store shoes that had laces - he's always had velcro before- and he learned how to tie them in a day. He is getting pretty fast at tying his shoes, but has a little trouble with the double knot still. This is the first time he tied both shoes all on his own:

Sarah has an amazing memory. In the past few weeks she has said some things just casually talking about something that happened in the past - up to 2 years ago (when she was barely 3 years old) - and her detailed memory of an event or circumstance or words that were said is astonishing. She is a remarkably intelligent girl who likes to pretend that she doesn't know what's going on sometimes. Her reading ability is improving too. She surprises me. She's also great at math, she can add and subtract single digits in her head fairly accurately.
Tonight I took her out to get new Sunday shoes. It was just me and her and we had a very pleasant evening together. 

Sarah is a social butterfly. She loves having lots of friends around and she's always ready to make new friends. Today, at the church, she introduced herself to a friendly looking lady by saying "Hi, I'm Sarah Wiseman! This is my dad. He's 30, but he's going to have a birthday in June."


Anonymous said...

Awwwww, those kitties are so cute!

And Joseph can tie his own shoe laces?!?! Jaedin can't do that yet! Granted, I haven't really pressed the topic cuz I figured teaching it would make my eye twitch, but wow--way to go Joseph!

That blue bath tub is awesome. ;)

Roxanne said...

We absolutely loved it when our cat had kittens, and hearing about yours made me miss the ones we had for awhile. They are so cute!

and Sarah is so funny with her cute introduction.