Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Who's the Messiest Kid?

Kathryn has done this a few times - colored herself with washable markers or watercolor paint.
It comes off fairly easily though.

This little bug likes to roll around, eat, dig, and crawl through dirt and grass clippings.

Here are his feet after playing outside for an hour.

Sarah likes to get into the permanent stuff like the Sharpies, the scissors, and now - the primer.
She led the charge on this lovely sidewalk art tonight. The cuteness of the hand prints helped me to not scream when I saw all the kids - yes, even the baby - covered from head to foot in paint primer, which is practically impossible to wash off. Their clothes are ruined and I'm certain we'll enjoy this artwork for years to come.

Everyone gets one of these almost every night lately. Since we've been working on the garden, 
they get truly dirty everyday.

 So, the winner of the messiest kid award -- it's Sarah. She's a real pro when it comes to making messes, especially the non-reparable kind. But that's what makes life so interesting and unpredictable, right? =)

2nd place goes to baby David, he's in that "I want to feed myself but I'm not coordinated enough to use a spoon yet" phase.

3rd place is Kathryn

And Joseph - he gets a cleanliness award. He can eat spaghetti and hardly have a spec of food on his hands or face. He's seriously better at it than I am. =)


Fleming Family said...

Sounds like you've got your hands full...of messes. :) Oh, the joys of motherhood. Haha, at least you are looking at the good side of things. Miss you guys!

Raspberry said...

Sounds like Joseph is the model child - no hitting, no messes... :)
Unfortunately, my son excels at making messes in 30 seconds or less. I'm surprised I'm not in better shape just chasing after him sometimes.